Petroleum Association Awards 

To be eligible for these prestigious awards, an active member of the FSJ Petroleum Association must send us the name of the individual that they would like to nominate, with a brief description of the qualifications of this individual.  All nominations will be considered.

A brief description of the prerequisites of each award is below.

The Ivor Miller Award:

Awarded to an active member who has displayed exceptional dedication and service to the Fort St. John Petroleum Association. This award is open to both Associate and Regular members.

The Oilman of the Year Award:

Awarded to an active member of the FSJPA who has displayed exceptional dedication and service to the Oil and Gas industry and the communities they live in. This award is open to Regular members only.

Please submit your nominations to

Be sure to check out our past winners list at the bottom of the page!

Ivor Miller Award

Oilman of the Year 

The 2023 recipient is Lorne Weiler

 The 2023 recipient is Craig Okrainec

Year Ivor Miller Award
Oilmen of the Year
2000 Pat Preston
2001 Ivor Miller Ed Cooper
2002 Hebert Powell
2003 Dudley Wagner Ross H. MacLean
2004 Bud Woodruff
2005 Fred Hendricks Dennis Bloor
2006 Wayne Leflar George Soule
2007 Bob Trobak Alec Pryndik
2008 Francis Andal Mike Kosick
2009 Chris Jorven Greg Hammond
2010 Don Loewen
2011 Lee Hartman Doug Wiles
2012 Mike Kosick Darwin Pimm
2013 Bruce Craig Don Kyllo
2014 Blake Bowyer Don Stirling
2015 Dudley Wagner Victor Peebles
2016 Jay Greenwood Vic Brandl
2017 Trevor Gould Brian Surerus
2018 Brant Billings Gerd Juister
2019 Dave Marshall Art Jarvis
2020 Vic Moskalyk Don Hartman
2021 Jack Wilson Dave Wallace
2022 Neil Carlstrom Dave Bonar
2023 Lorne Wieler Craig Okrainec
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