The purposes of the society “Fort St John Petroleum Association” are:

To create a nonprofit fraternal organization for educational, benevolent and social purposes.

To create a medium through which the society members may express themselves in Social activities, Educational pursuits and Athletic endeavors.

To contribute to the community in supporting worthwhile projects as decided upon from time to time by the society.

To provide entertainment that is enjoyable, instructive and beneficial to its members and families.

To encourage a spirit of good fellowship among the society members.


Regular Member: a member who is directly engaged and derives 85% of his subsistence from any of the following petroleum industry enterprises:

 -Manufacturing  -Exploration  -Production
 -Marketing  -Drilling  -Contracting
 -Construction  -Consulting  -Services

Associate Member: a member who does not qualify for regular membership under the prescribed conditions, but in the judgment of the Board of Directors will provide a worthwhile contribution towards the society objectives. Worthwhile contributions to the society would be participation in the organizational committees for any of the Association’s events (eg: Christmas Party, Hockey Tournament, Golf Tournament, Family Camp Weekend, Trap Shoot, Curling Bonspiel, or any other activity requiring assistance. The associate member shall be entitled to all privileges except that of standing for election to the Board of Directors.

A person who intends to apply to become an associate member shall be sponsored by a director.

Associate members attending less than SIX regular meetings during the year will be dismissed from the society.

Long Term Membership: Members who have ten years in the club and have been in the oil industry for twenty years can apply for long term status by writing a letter to the executive. A long term member may retain regular membership status even if leaving the oil industry for another profession or retirement. A long term member must continue to pay dues.

Charter Membership: Members who have held membership for twenty five years and are over sixty years old may apply for charter membership by writing a letter to the executive. A charter member will retain regular member status for life and is exempt from paying yearly dues. Membership forms should still be sent in to the executive to maintain the club records.

DUES: Are deemed due on the first day of January and MUST be paid before the March general meeting of that year. A person, who was a former member of the society within the immediate past two years of the current year, not having paid his membership dues by the March general meeting of the current year, may pay current annual membership fee PLUS a penalty one times the annual dues and become a member in good standing.

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