Fort St. John Petroleum Association Bursary Evaluation Criteria

1.            There can be two $2,000 bursaries awarded each year. These bursaries will be split between male and female. In the event that there are no applicants in one category or the other, the bursaries may both go to female or male applicants. As well, if the Association finds no worthy candidates it reserves the right to withdraw either bursary for the current year.

2.            Any interested students must submit a cover letter that outlines their qualifications and intentions with regard to post-secondary education. Transcripts must be included.

3.            All applicants will be screened by NPSS to assess initial eligibility.

4.            All applicants must be the son or daughter of a current Petroleum Association regular or associate member. Parent must be named in application.

5.            All applicants must be proceeding with their post-secondary education directly from high school. Any students who wish to apply for the scholarship but intend to take a leave of absence are directed to apply in the year that they return.

6.            Students who are enrolling in Petroleum related disciplines will get preferential treatment, however, they must meet the high standards expected of all applicants.

The following is a guideline that will be used in evaluating applicants that make it to the final selection process:


Evaluate with respect to course load, scholastic achievement,

and post-secondary entrance qualifications


Evaluate with respect to financial need


Evaluate with respect to citizenship and social skills

The payment of this bursary is to be directed to the successful applicant's account with the post-secondary institute of their choice. There will be no payment directly to individuals. It is the scholarship recipient's duty to inform the Petroleum Association President of how, when, and to what institute this money is to be dispersed.

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